OEC 9800

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The 9800® sets a new standard for mobile imaging systems providing all image capture, recording and management capabilities in a mobile system comparable to the latest fixed-room fluoroscopic imaging systems at significantly reduced cost.

  • Total redesign of current mobile C-arm equipment featuring 1K x 1K imaging resolution.
  • 1K x 1K imaging resolution creates an expanded, more powerful platform.
  • Intuitive touch screen control which offers simple operation of the system so even new or inexperienced users can be experts.
  • AutoTrak (TM) which automatically tracks the subject anatomy anywhere within the imaging field for true point-and-shoot ease of use.
  • Lowest possible X-ray dose without relinquishing image quality.
  • Backlit C-arm control panel to see in darkened operating rooms.
  • Operator control panel on both sides of C-arm chassis conveniently located for operator use.

  • Triple the generator power.
  • Lightweight for ease in steering and manuvering.

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