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CapMed+ has revolutionized the diagnostic imaging equipment industry. To achieve this we employed cooperation and input from our fellow industry members including: Equipment dealers and brokers, C-level hospital management, OEM representatives, Financial institution management, Independent equipment technicians.

This forum of industry experts has provided CapMed+ a 360 degree view of the industry, which we use to aid us in leading change for the imaging equipment industry.

We invite and welcome all members of our industry to this forum and we provide resources and tools that will assist you in closing sales and growing your business.

We encourage an open communication and invite a discussion on any transactions or projects in which we may add value.

  • Referral fees: paid for submitting a piece of equipment for sale or for a buyer of equipment.
  • Bridge project financing:  Financing available for dealers in need of funding to buy equipment for resale either from CapMed+ or other sources.
  • Equity investments:  for large scale projects such as purchasing large equipment packages and / or acquisition or construction of facilities.
  • Consulting:  Need a tech, logistical support or guidance in closing a transaction? We are here to help.

We invite you. We appreciate you. We need you.
Help us in leading our industry forward.