Equipment sales information

CapMed+ is an international supplier of superlative used and certified pre-owned diagnostic imaging equipment.

We understand modern day challenges and nuances that facing hospitals and imaging centers today. As an industry leader and innovator CapMed+ has designed equipment ownership and usage programs that help hospitals lower costs-to-buy, use and maintain diagnostic imaging equipment.

We have followed the old adage “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”. CapMed+ is designed on a “self-performing” business model.

CapMed+ offers an extensive multi-modality inventory that is meticulously prepped for re-use by our expert service team.

CapMed+ is an international aggregator of equipment for multiple sources including in-house off-lease, 2nd party off-lease, wholesale OEM, direct buy from hospitals, cooperative dealer sales, consignment user-user sales, international cooperatives.

This lowers the cost of equipment which allows us to provide wholesale pricing to hospitals and imaging centers.