Equipment Disposition

CapMed+ wants to buy your equipment.

CapMed+ provides innovative equipment purchasing plans. Our hospital clients have benefited financially through the use of our partnership approach to purchasing equipment.

Within this collaborative atmosphere we are able to partner with hospitals to convert it’s existing equipment into multiple equitable solutions.

This collaborative atmosphere enables the hospital and CapMed+ to work together coming up with creative ways for the hospital to purchase and or offload its existing equipment.

We engage with our hospitals discussing the best financial outcomes. We aren’t just communicating via email, we are picking up the phone to form a relationship and get to know every single customer.

CapMed+ has created three distinct equipment purchasing plans all of which are designed to provide maximum financial benefit to the hospital. Our plans are designed to help convert depreciating assets into equity.

Outright Equipment Purchase Plan – CapMed+ will provide quick-closing funds for all modalities of diagnostic imaging equipment.

NEW! Equity Conversion Finance Program – CapMed+ will purchase your existing, in-use diagnostic imaging equipment, without interruption of use. We offer multi-year finance contracts custom-designed to your budgetary needs. This plan provides capital infusion with a low monthly payment. Funds can be paid as a direct cash-out for equipment or directed for other hospital needs.

CapMed+ Plus Services Agreement® This plan entails the same design as the Equipment into Equity Plan and bundles all service and repair expenses into one monthly payment.

Equipment Availability and Pricing

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