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Founded in 1847 in Berlin, Siemens Healthcare is a global corporation made up of 49,000 employees worldwide. Developing some of the most cutting edge diagnostic imaging equipment in the market, including CT systems, X-ray machines, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound and MRI systems. A leader in medical imaging technologies, Siemens creates diagnostic imaging equipment that produce beautiful images with impressive diagnostic results, including their Siemens AXIOM Artis U.

The AXIOM Artis U is an absolute workhorse in any situation. Providing excellent productivity and meeting the expectations for cardiac diagnostics and interventions. The AXIOM Artis U produces high power output for outstanding imaging quality while also providing low dose of radiation to your patients. Also, the X-ray tube with 783 kHU provides long procedures without overheating. Features for the AXIOM Artis U include…

  • Carematic for exposure control that is automatic
  • Carefilter that provides automatic pre-filtration
  • Carevision that provides diminished pulse rates during prolonged fluoroscopy for additional dose reduction
  • Careprofile for the radiation free placement for every collimator and filter in dose reduction
  • Carewatch shows present dose for monitoring radiation


Name of the Manufacturer: Siemens

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