GE Discovery CT750 HD

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Leading-edge technology throughout the image chain.

Leading edge clarity requires innovation throughout the image chain — and across every variable of image development. With technologies and features that set new benchmarks for image clarity, high-definition CT opens the door to new noninvasive diagnostic procedures and innovative techniques for challenging conditions.

The Gemstone Detector

Gemstone is the essential innovation that drives the high definition breakthrough. Comprised of our proprietary CT scintillator material, the Gemstone* is the first new detector material in 20 years. Its exclusive garnet structure enables high-definition imaging during sub-second scanning and fast kV switching. Gemstone’s recovery time is four times faster than comparable detectors, and its primary speed is 100 times faster than competitors’.

The Data Acquisition System

GE Healthcare’s Volara DAS technology reduces electronic noise for outstanding image quality in both high- and low-signal areas of the anatomy. It’s also an integral part of the system’s improved spatial resolution across the entire field of view, and delivers 2.5 times more views per rotation to improve x and y axis resolution, and reduce artifacts.

The Tube

The Performix HD Tube enables the visualization of more detail with increased data sampling, ultra-fast kVp switching, and a maximum mA of up to 570mA on the small focal spot and 835mA on the large focal spot.

The Reconstruction

Enabling imaging under 1 mSv with profound clarity, the Discovery CT750 HD features the ultimate advance in CT image reconstruction  technology: Veo the world’s first model-based iterative reconstruction product, which combines sophisticated algorithms with advanced computing power. Lower noise and higher resolution can be achieved within a single image. At the same time, significant dose reduction capabilities are now available, opening up new possibilities for challenging cases and sensitive patients. This breakthrough is changing the way physicians use CT imaging, delivering a combination of high-performance images and low dose that was previously unthinkable.

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