GE Discovery PET/CT 690

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An exceptional system for the technology and clinical explorer, the Discovery* PET/CT 690 can potentially help you forge the future and advance your leadership by pushing PET/CT to its very limits and beyond.

From time of flight done right to short reconstruction times, the Discovery PET/CT 690 gives you results faster than previous generation GE systems, pushing PET/CT to the limits of clinical use.

Discovery PET/CT 690 is packed with advanced technologies that let you stay on top of tomorrow.

  • High-speed Quad-Anode photomultiplier tubes custom designed with fast front-end electronics that enable stable timing resolution independent of count rate. 
  • Reconstruction technique with timing information and all corrections within the iterative loop, detector geometry modeling, and model-based 3D scatter correction. 
  • InSite* OnWatch remote service technology that constantly analyzes data to potentially eliminate faults before they occur.
  • Remote digital service such as TiP* Virtual Assist (TVA) On Demand that provide convenient, real-time training, information and support right where your staff needs it – at the imaging console.  

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