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As a healthcare provider, you are focused on finding the most effective treatment, based on each patient’s response. GE Healthcare is providing you the tools to help make this goal a reality with the Discovery* PET/CT 710 and Q.Suite1. The entirely new PET/CT scanner and breakthrough tools for quantitative PET assist you in making appropriate treatment decision for individual patients.

The Discovery PET/CT 710 offers tried and true technologies:

  • Innovations with a 40-mm detector at 0.35-sec rotation speed.
  • Up to 60% lower CO2 emissions using the energy saving mode.
  • Advanced applications to help clinicians make a fast and confident diagnosis.
  • ASiR technology may allow for reduced mA in the acquisition of diagnostic images.
  • Simplified workflow for quick and streamlined operation.
  • Scalable, modular design for ease of service.
  • 128-slice axial overlapped reconstruction for improved Z-axis visualization compared to non-overlapped reconstruction.    

Q.Suite is the product of close, ongoing partnerships between technology leaders and clinical researchers.  We learned about the challenges of quantitative PET from our customers and developed Q.Suite with their help.  Q.Suite is built on a platform that can support ongoing development in the future.  It will constitute an important step forward in capturing consistent quantitative measurements.

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