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Advantage 4D captures the full range of motion of critical internal structures and lesions during respiration. This knowledge aids Oncologists in selecting the proper phase of the respiratory cycle in order to plan for a more targeted radiation treatment.

CT Application Option – Advantage 4D

  • Allows clinicians to visualize and study the tumor excursion contributing to a better understanding of the target area of interest
  • More accurately depicts the true shape of the anatomy of interest
  • Verify PTV taking motion into consideration
  • Gated treatment simulation can now be performed with higher accuracy due to reduced phase error, potentially leading to smaller PTV or dose escalation
  • Easy to use application ensures minimal time is spent choosing the appropriate phase or building 4D movie loops


  • 4D Review Display: characterizes the full dynamic range of anatomy’s motion
  • Phase Selection Display: automatically sorts images to a time interval in their respiratory cycle, reducing phase error and minimizes structure distortion artifacts caused by motion
  • 4D/Contour Overlay: offers the ability to superimpose PTV contours over a 4D moving gross tumor volume
  • Simulation for Gated Treatment: allows the operator to select the proper phase of the respiratory cycle that offers the most benefit to the patient during treatment
  • Advantage 4D: protocol driven, easy to use, and fully automated

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