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CT Simulation

Advantage SIM provides complete volume definition and geometric beam placement capability for radiotherapy. It is then able to compute a real time DRR for any type of patient set-up and can fully replace a classic X-ray simulator for treatment set-up reference image generation.


  • Provides full information about the patient anatomy at image acquisition resolution
  • Automatic Outlining – Plus erosion and dilation
  • Contour Tracing – Traces the surface of a structure using the mouse and defines the volume by interpolation
  • Volume Expansion – Create a new volume with user-defined margins
  • Contour Editing – Edit the shape of a contour using the mouse
  • Conform on Multiple Structures – for beam and block definition


  • OverDrive-Sub-second DRRs, even using many slices at small spacing
  • Enhanced Object Mixing, helps to visualize structures that are otherwise obscured
  • ISOMOVE – interactively recalculates the DRR while beam isocenter is being moved
  • Industry standard networking – DICOM-RT
  • Depth Control – Excludes pixels outside a user defined range


  • All GE CT Systems
  • Advantage Workstation 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2

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