GE Optima CT 580W

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Reliable scanning for your everyday needs.

A large bore. An ample field of view. A powerful X-ray tube. High-resolution imaging. ASiR* dose-reduction technology available. Lightning-quick scan speeds. It’s all within reach on the Optima CT580 W. This reliable powerhouse can be your “go-to” CT system—the one you’ll use day in and day out for routine CT studies, complex or challenging exams, convenient large-patient scans, streamlined interventional procedures and more.

Built-In Technologies

Benefit from exceptional image quality, extreme imaging versatility and the ability to scan anatomy from head to toe without compromise with:

  • Crystal clarity. Optima CT580 W delivers outstanding images. Every time.
  • Lightning fast speed. Helical scans are extremely fast. For shorter breath holds. More comfortable exams. Less potential for patient motion.
  • A wide bore. Position large patients for challenging diagnostic studies and realize flexibility for positioning radiation therapy and trauma patients.
  • State-of-the-art table design. Capable and convenient for patients of all sizes, including larger patients up to 650 lbs.
  • Optional fast image reconstruction. At 16 fps, it streamlines your workflow from acquisition to final report.
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