PET/CT Imaging Solutions

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From site planning to training and support, billing and operations, we’ll see to it that your mobile PET/CT capabilities are up and running when you need them to be. We will assist with your promotional and educational strategies so you’ll be ahead of the curve. With mobile PET/CT and our turnkey services, you will add something of value—advanced imaging capabilities not every facility can claim.

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  • Generate immediate revenue
  • “Use it when you need it” luxurious suites for your clients
  • Performance based expense vs depreciating asset
  • No disruptions to existing operations and facility
  • Add additional earning square footage to your facility without the expense
  • Ability to add multiple suites
  • Easy “Phase-in” plan that conforms to your scan volume.
  • Marketing plan included to guide you in growing your PET/CT business

Progressive Service Solution

Phase 1 – Provide your facility with a mobile PET/CT scanner one or more days per week depending on your volume and demand.

Phase 2 – When the scan volume reaches a pre-determined annual run rate, CapMed+ would provide a fixed-site scanner to your facility or a full-time mobile scanner.

Operations Support

  • Operations Management
  • Licensing & Certification
  • Quality Control & Radiation Safety
  • Fleet Management & Logistics
  • Service Maintenance & Engineering

Available PET/CT Models

  • GE Discovery 4 Slice
  • GE DST 4 Slice
  • GE DSTE 4 Slice
  • GE DSTE 16 Slice
  • Siemens Biograph 6 Slice

Name of the Manufacturer: GE

Equipment Availability and Pricing

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