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Designed with Radiation Oncology in Mind

The Brilliance CT Big Bore cutting-edge innovation enhances the process of detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and provides solutions to help clinicians confidently affect patient care and reduce costs. With skillful merging of imaging, ingenuity and invention, Philips is a leader in providing integrated solutions for radiation oncology including imaging, localization, simulation and planning.


Other Brilliance CT Big Bore advancements:

  • The industry’s only 85cm aperture bore, allowing for scanning patients with immobilization devices in the treatment position.
  • Respiratory Correlated Imaging for motion assessment and Tumor Localization for isocenter identification and absolute marking make this a complete Oncology CT offering.
  • Power for situations where speed and throughput are especially critical, and for high-volume, high-demand sites.
  • Advanced technologies throughout, including RapidView and the Brilliance CT MRC X-ray tube. 

An 85 cm large bore and the Brilliance platform

Continuing its focus on clinical imaging innovation, Philips introduces a CT scanner with a larger bore and expanded field of view for radiology applications. The Brilliance CT Big Bore Radiology configuration incorporates the 85 cm large bore and 60 cm true scan field-of-view, making  this configuration ideal for interventional studies, the emergency room, interventional studies, and bariatric / general radiology imaging where access, speed, and throughput are especially critical.


Features and Benefits

  • 85 cm bore
  • 60 cm true scan field of view
  • Sub second imaging
  • 24 mm of volumetric coverage
  • 650 pound patient support

This system is configured for some of the most demanding settings, such as:

  • Interventional suites
  • Bariatric programs
  • Emergency departments

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