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From bariatric to pediatric, and in between, the Brilliance iCT scalable platform raises the bar giving you the power to achieve the utmost clinical quality in diagnostic imaging.  And now, the fastest scanner available globally  provides a more sophisticated combination of high image quality, fast acquisition and reconstruction speeds and outstanding coverage, all at doses as low as reasonably achievable. Patient-specific acquisition protocols balance image quality and dose utility in the most diverse and challenging patients including those with high Body Mass Index (BMI) and high heart rates. The Brilliance iCT provides you greater diagnostic confidence through the elimination reduction of image-degrading scatter.  iCT also presents you with a quick path to new discoveries in clinical science. 


iCT technological advancements:

  • iMRC X-ray tube
  • NanoPanel 3D spherical detectors
  • ClearRay collimation
  • Eclipse DoseRight Collimator
  • AirGlide gantry rotation
  • iDose4 iterative reconstruction technique

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