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When it comes to streamlining the processes involved in diagnosis, staging, therapy planning, and follow-up in oncology care, the Philips GEMINI TF Big Bore system lets you do more for patients, more efficiently.


GEMINI TF Big Bore is the world’s first PET/CT system, combining 3rd generation Time-of-Flight PET performance with the market leading Brilliance CT Big Bore simulator.


Astonish TF optimizes image quality and speed 
Philips Astonish TF Time-of-Flight technology helps improve image quality, especially for large patients, while it boosts procedure capacity. Perform high-resolution, diagnostic whole-body PET scans quickly, across a range of applications. Exceptional sensitivity facilitates the use of low doses, reducing exposure to patients and staff.


The GEMINI TF Big Bore PET/CT scanner facilitates the use of PET in radiotherapy planning by offering integrated solutions to streamline tumor detection, staging, simulation and monitoring therapy response.

  • Seamlessly integrate information about tumor metabolic activity, as well as structure, into the radiation therapy planning process in ways not possible until now.
  • Improve treatment accuracy with the same wide bore opening for both PET and CT, which allows patients to be positioned in the same manner for both simulation and therapy.
  • 4D Time-of-Flight respiratory motion management.
  • Leverage the significant workflow and clinical advantages of Brilliance CT Big Bore, such as Tumor LOC.
  • Interact seamlessly with the Philips Pinnacle³ radiation treatment planning system.
  • Allow automatic segmentation and monitoring of tumor progression before, during, and after therapy with Tumor Tracking application. 

The Philips patented OpenView gantry design has always allowed greater patient comfort, and now it’s coupled with a full 85 cm bore diameter for both PET and CT, providing greater flexibility in patient positioning and use of immobilization devices. The bed design with flat pallet meets the AAPM TG-66 guidelines for positional accuracy.


This unique combination of leading technologies allows you to consolidate radiation oncology procedures, increase the potential for greater accuracy, and improve referrals.

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