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Until now, CT scanning has too often been about tradeoffs. You’ve been forced to choose high image quality or low dose. Iterative reconstruction or speed. Well, no longer. The all-new Ingenuity CT system is so original and resourceful that it will cause you to reevaluate everything you thought you knew about low-dose imaging.


Ingenuity CT brings pure confidence: confidence in image quality, confidence in the right dose for the right patient, confidence in an iterative reconstruction technique with speeds calculated in seconds, and confidence in your investment.


iDose4 is our newest generation of DoseWise features. This undivided and holistic approach to low-dose CT imaging:

  • iDose4 iterative reconstruction technique gives you control of the dial so you can personalize dose and image quality based on your patients needs.

High volume with high confidence
Philips Ingenuity CT is synonymous with diagnostic confidence. Designed to perform in the most demanding and critical environments, the system can help you achieve outstanding and consistent results day in and day out.


Ingenuity at work
Faster reconstruction. Faster results.  RapidView IR is 137% faster than the first generation reconstructor used by Brilliance scanners. In fact, 86% of protocols are reconstructed in < 60 seconds using standard reconstruction.


MRC Ice X-ray tube stays cool
MRC ICE is a revolutionary X-ray tube designed for no warm up or cool down. 


Ready when you are
Expect reduced training time and fewer repeat exams for increased departmental efficiency. This is the confidence and quality to put you at the center of patient care. It’s Ingenuity CT, and it’s one of the advances of Philips Imaging 2.0. 

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