Philips MX 6000 Dual

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Enhanced multislice CT imaging

The MX 6000 Dual configuration combines the enhanced diagnostic benefits of multislice imaging with high throughput performance in a simple-to-use system for you and your patients.

The MX 6000 Dual configuration was created specifically to meet the needs of healthcare professionals balancing a busy practice, yet interested in exploring advanced applications. A wide range of clinical applications allows you to conduct studies over diverse patient populations while advanced technologies provide the power necessary for clearer diagnoses, faster exams, and higher reliability.

The MX 6000 Dual configuration offers:

  • Simple, reliable operation to manage heavy patient loads
  • 0.8* sec rotation minimizes motion
  • 0.9* sec reconstruction for productivity
  • 0.8* mm slices for sharp inner ears and bones
  • 20 mm coverage for faster exams and shorter breath holds
  • Easy-to-use interface offers advanced capabilities
  • Philips DoseWise approach for optimal dose efficiency to help protect your patients without compromising image quality
  • Patient-friendly, compact design
  • Comprehensive support for you in every season of system ownership

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