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TruFlight Select makes Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology accessible virtually to everyone. Thanks to Imaging 2.0, a new approach to imaging technology, the TOF technology that was previously available only on our premium systems is now available to virtually all.

Clinically Integrated Solutions

  • Astonish TF, Philips proprietary TOF technology, brings you the capabilities of full-fidelity TOF reconstruction resulting in high quality images in less time.
  • Fully diagnostic CT capabilities give you the same premium performance as a standalone Brilliance CT.
  • IntelliSpace Portal and Extended Brilliance Workspace (EBW) are award winning intuitive multi-modality processing and viewing platforms with an expansive portfolio of NM and CT applications.


Focus on your patients

  • Up to 50% contrast improvement facilitates improved lesion detectability.
  • Up to 5x higher sensitivity than non-TOF may help manage radiopharmaceutical dosing.
  • 4D TOF respiratory motion management enhances accuracy through reduced motion artifacts.


Lower your cost of ownership

  • Performance made affordable – you no longer need to tradeoff outdated technology for price.
  • Special service packages offers enhanced application support and increased operational uptime for increased workflow efficiencies.
  • Differentiate with premium TOF clinical performance.

With this state-of-the-art system, TruFlight Select makes premium imaging the standard you can expect from Philips.

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