Siemens SOMATOM Sensation Open

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Unlimited Accessibility – Extended Clinical Spectrum
Get the flexibility to optimally position virtually all patients for radiation therapy planning in the large 82 cm gantry opening and optimize patient-accessibility for minimal-invasive interventions and scanning of bariatric patients.

Unprecedented Image Quality and Detail in Large Bore CT
Obtain up to 40 slices per rotation with the industry’s highest routine isotropic resolution of below 0.4 mm utilizing
z-Sharp Technology and the unparalleled STRATON X-ray tube.

Lowest Patient Exposure
Reduce dose up to 68% while maintaining optimal image quality with Siemens’ unique CARE solutions

Diagnostic Speed and Confidence in CT
Enhance clinical performance and substantially reduce processing time with our CT Clinical Engines, the intelligent combination of workflow solutions and advanced applications.

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Name of the Manufacturer: Siemens

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