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New Technology

With outstanding imaging, short examination times, pre-installed scan protocols, and optimized utilization of the X-ray tube, this all-rounder meets and exceeds all demands of daily clinical routine.

The SOMATOM Spirit technology and design with its small and efficient gantry, developed and realized in 2005, has many advantages compared to bulky gantries that were designed years ago. Our ongoing development of the SOMATOM Spirit means that you will constantly work with and profit from cutting-edge technologies. You will benefit, not only from the ease of use and reduced dose, but also from the excellent image quality – supported by standard and advanced 3D postprocessing applications that speedily deliver the information and quality you need for confident diagnoses.

During the engineering phase, one of the most important considerations was reliability. Backed by all the know-how and expertise we have acquired over 30 years at the forefront of clinical CT, you can expect high level performance and reliability from your new SOMATOM Spirit. Our extensive manufacturing experience supplemented with the feedback from thousands of enthusiastic users has made it possible for us to design and develop an extremely reliable and technically advanced system with a high uptime.


  • Excellent image quality providing reliable diagnoses.
  • Cutting-edge technology and attractive, patient-friendly design with a small and highly efficient gantry.
  • Continuous development of this system provides frequent new features and updates.
  • Peace of mind with consistent system availability with high uptime.

More Performance

Patient and physician will profit from the advantages of Multislice CT. Compared to single slice systems, Multislice CT scanners represent a technological milestone with respect to increased volume coverage, higher resolution, shorter examination times, and better utilization of the X-ray tube output while Siemens’ real-time CARE Dose4D reduces dose to the absolute practical minimum. Additionally, even corpulent patients can be comfortably scanned due to the 40 kW generator and 3.5 MHU tube.

The SOMATOM Spirit is an innovative dual slice CT with a collimated slice width down to 1 mm and a gantry rotation speed of up to 0.8 seconds. Therefore, routine CT examinations, such as thorax scans, can be easily performed in a single breath-hold.


  • Increased volume coverage with gantry rotation speed of up to 0.8 seconds.
  • Small diagnostic details with collimated slice width down to 1 mm.
  • High power reserves with up to 40 kW generator and 3.5 MHU tube are especially useful with corpulent patients.
  • Wide range of clinical applications tailored to your needs.
  • Easy user interface provides simplicity and a short learning curve, even for less experienced users.
  • Fast image reconstruction of up to 5 images/s.
  • Highest possible image quality while maintaining low dose with CARE Dose4D (up to 68 % dose reduction).

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