Toshiba Aquilion LB

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Designed to expand the dimensions of CT, Aquilion™ LB combines Toshiba’s award winning CT technologies with the advantages of a large bore platform.

The QuantumPlus Advantage

  • 90cm gantry bore comfortably accomodates larger patients
  • 40% greater FOV without extrapolation
  • Best low contrast resolution at the lowest dose

More Positions, More Possibilities

  • 90cm ganry bore opening
  • Uncompromised patient positioning
  • 70cm acquired field-of-view
  • 40% more anatomical coverage

Leap into the Next Dimension

Using our Made for Life philosophy, the Aquilion LB has been designed to support leading edge oncology applications such as respiratory gating and CT Fluoro.

  • Image the tumor volume in the correct dimension
  • Increased tracking accuracy and reproducibility of tumor volume
  • 4 dimensional guidance for tumor biopsy and/or marking with SUREFluoro.

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