Siemens Biograph Mobile Pet CT For Rent Lease

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100% Guaranteed, Certified Equipment, FDA Registered

Siemens Biograph Pet CT Mobile Coaches For Rent:

Our custom built mobile PET/CT coaches are Best in Class. Fully reconditioned inside and out.

Units available with Cardiac Gating and Rubidium Infusion System

Short term (interim) & long term rental plans available.


Cap3d filter MIP, Cap3d filter SSD, Cap3d filter VRT, Cap3d Flymode, Cap3d Fusionauto Cap3d Fusionbase Cap3d FusionLM, Cap3d Main, Cap3d VOImode, Bolus Trac, Calcium Score, Cardio Proactive-Gated Cardio Retroactive, Care Dose, Care vision, CTAPP colonography dental, dyneva, extended FOV, Get Worklist, High speed, Lung Care, Lung care enh, Mpps support, Osteo, Perfusion:, Neuro and Body rt3d, RTD, Emotion 6, Extendted Spiral, High Power
Hi Resolution Detectors Pet applications


Name of the Manufacturer: Siemens

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