GE Brivo MR355 1.5T

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Why rely on Brivo MR355 technology? Consider these features:  

  • Optix RF for better signal clarity and signal intensity—to acquire cleaner, crisper images.1
  • Embedded coil technology, which includes an 8-channel coil system for brain, neck, spine, and body exams, and a 12-element posterior array embedded in the patient table.
  • Express Coil, which preserves signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio and reduces handling of bulky coils between exams.
  • Ready Brain software that automatically determines slice alignment for brain scans—provides more consistency and precision.
  • Ready Bar control, which reduces 30 inputs to just one control—simplifies scan optimization for new technologists, while experienced users maintain full control of all parameters.
  • Ready Interface for simplified control of scan parameters—and greater consistency from technologist to technologist.
  • Intuitive shortcuts that enable you to easily access your most common protocols.
  • 8-channel RF and 33/100 gradient performance.

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