GE Optima MR360 1.5T

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Balancing versatility and value.
The new Optima MR360 is engineered around the high-definition platform you know and trust. It includes remarkable flexibility and efficiency to deliver benefits for everyone in your business:

  • Technologists benefit from improved ease of use and confidence.
  • Radiologists benefit from expanded diagnostic capabilities. 
  • Administrators benefit from satisfied patients, efficient throughput, and opportunities for growth.

Versatility…Ready for Your Next Case

Optima MR360 extends diagnostic capabilities by combining user-friendly features with a broad range of advanced software applications. The system provides high quality imaging including challenging areas such as breast, body, and vascular applications.

Optima MR360 features:

  • A Ready Interface that enables simpler, faster scan prescription with greater consistency. Ready Interface is a user-friendly control center that requires fewer steps to optimize scan parameters. It offers an optimized, intuitive, and flexible 3-plane graphic localizer process.
  • An advanced suite of clinical applications like IDEAL, LAVA, VIBRANT, Cube, SWAN, PROPELLER 2.0, the Inhance suite of non-contrast MRA, and more.

An Outstanding Value

 The Optima MR360 delivers outstanding capability and image quality with a great value.

  • Engineered around the proven highly homogeneous magnet, uncompromised 33/100 gradient performance and new OpTix™ RF technology.
  • A GE ecomagination product. The Optima MR360 is among the most energy efficient 1.5T MR systems, using about 34% less energy than our previous generation systems. 
  • Part of the GE Continuum, which ensures your facility stays current with the latest technology, without needing to replace the magnet. 
  • Benefits from the world-class support of GE Healthcare in terms of service and training.

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