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Ready for an MR system that meets your needs? 

Meet Signa HDe, Second Edition: the MR system from GE that brings world class image quality, energy efficiency, and the long-term investment protection of the Signa™ GE Continuum together in a patient-friendly package that won the 2007 IDEA award for outstanding design. 

Expect More with High Definition Imaging

The Signa magnet features a highly homogeneous, 48 cm field of view that helps ensure uniform fat suppression and outstanding image quality for off-isocenter, large FOV, and other challenging cases. Together with GE HD coils and applications, the HDe offers outstanding diagnostic confidence.

Chosen for service in the 2008 Olympic Village Hospital, two HDe systems delivered world-class, High Definition imaging to more than 600 athletes over the two week span of the 2008 Summer Olympics. 

Consume Less

Signa HDe is a product of ecomaginationSM, a business initiative to invest in a future that creates innovative solutions to environmental challenges while delivering outstanding products and savings to our customers. 

By employing efficient gradient and electronics design and innovative water-cooling technology, Signa HDe 1.5T is among the most energy-efficient 1.5T MR systems, using about 41% less energy than previous generation systems. It reduces annual energy consumption up to 70,000kWh. 

Expect More with the GE Continuum

Expect more with 25 years of proven commitment to MR system longevity. The Signa HDe offers the same magnet that forms the foundation of all new 1.5T MR systems from GE. Without replacing the magnet, the HDe system can be upgraded to the most advanced technology, enabling your MR system to grow as your practice grows.


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