Philips Achieva 3.0T TX

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100% Guaranteed, Certified Equipment, FDA Registered

Make a leap forward in performance

Expanding your capabilities in high-field MRI

Contrast uniformity, speed, consistency
technology overcomes dielectric shading by using simultaneous
(parallel) transmissions from multiple RF sources. It automatically
optimizes the power, amplitude, phase, and waveform for optimal RF

Gradient systems
All benefits of proven 3.0T technology

system’s exclusive Quasar and Quasar Dual gradient systems offer
gradient amplitudes up to 80 mT/m to provide superb performance with
excellent linearity.

Magnet Type
Weight                        <4600kg
Bore diameter               60 cm
Maximum FOV              50x50x45 cm
Cryogens                      Liquid Helium. Zero boil -off system* *under regular scanning conditions

Gradient system
Quasar Dual                 Mode 1: 40 mT/m & 200 mT/m/msec
                                     Mode 2: 80 mT/m & 100 mT/m/msec
Quasar                         Mode: 40 mT/m & 200 mT/m/msec

RF Transmit

Parallel RF transmission    Yes, MultiTransmit
RF control                          Patient-adaptive and anatomy adaptive for each source, automatic

Number of Channels          16 standard, 32 optional

Patient Environment
Patient aperture                 60 cm
Weight Capacity                 250 kg (550 lbs) with horizontal motion
                                          150 kg (330 lbs) with vertical motion

Patient transport system (optional)    Docking Patient Trolley

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Philips Acheiva 3.0 t MRI

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