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Stable, optimized platform for advanced clinical research

Our Achieva whole-body-aperture 7.0T* MRI research scanner provides the ultra high field strength essential for advanced clinical research in a stable, optimized platform.


Precision engineered and factory built, the system works virtually out of the box, and its cutting-edge imaging performance will enable you to perform advanced studies within days.


Deepen your insight into disease
With its ultra-high field strength, the Achieva 7.0T MRI research system produces images in exquisite detail, enabling you to gain deeper insight into the physiological and cognitive processes of the brain, as well as neurological diseases.


7.0T MR imaging and spectroscopy can provide valuable support in investigating arterial and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy, and enable these diseases to be detected much earlier than imaging at lower field strengths.


The extra detail revealed at 7.0T can also be particularly helpful for:


developing diagnostic procedures in the field of oncology


investigating biological functions at cellular and molecular levels

– for a better understanding of tumor biology and metabolic processes


enhanced lesion characterization


Benefit from a proven platform
Our Achieva 7.0T MRI shares the proven technology platform of our 1.5T and 3.0T clinical systems for highly reproducible results to support your research needs. Stability is further enhanced by our FreeWave data-acquisition system with modular 32-channel architecture, providing the latest MRI functionality.


The research system with a friendly face
Our Achieva 7.0T MRI satisfies your research needs without compromising on patient-friendliness. Its clean and professional appearance is designed to immediately put your subjects at ease.


The magnet façade can be integrated into the room design, reducing the perceived size of the 7.0T magnet. With its spacious 58 cm aperture, subjects can lie comfortably inside.


Join our 7.0T user community
Benefit from the exchange of knowledge and take part in industry-sponsored multi-center trials as a member of our 7.0T User Group.

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