Philips Ingenia MR-OR

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Fast, smooth patient transfer

Save precious time

Obtain fast intra-operative MRI results using Ingenia’s smooth and quick transfer of patients, using dual-room MR-OR.

Dual-room MR-OR

Increase MR utilization

By connecting your neurosurgery OR to an MRI system, you can increase your MR utilization and enhance patient care. The MRI system can be used for regular diagnostic imaging when it is not being used for intra-operative imaging.

Triple-room OR-MR-OR

Get more flexibility

Philips MR-OR solution features front docking and a rear-docking capabilities. So you can connect two ORs to the MR room. This triple-room OR-MR-OR solution enables more flexibility in patient scheduling and increases MR utilization.

Three surgical workspots

Operate wherever you need to

The Ingenia MR-OR solution offers three surgical workspots to support neurosurgery procedures: in the OR, within arm’s reach in the MR system, and at the back of the MR system.


See crystal clear details

Get Ingenia‚Äôs best-in-class MR image quality and accuracy for neuronavigation with full MR diagnostic capabilities. Additionally, benefit from Ingenia’s large field-of-view, superb homogeneity and excellent geometric accuracy.

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