Philips Panorama HFO

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Wide open design

Preferred by many patients

Panorama HFOs 360° panoramic viewing angle and spacious 160 cm-wide patient aperture help to put your patients at ease and provides a comfortable MRI experience for even the most frail, anxious, elderly or claustrophobic patients.

ST Coils

High SNR, High Efficiency

Solenoid Technology (ST) Coils excel in SNR and excellent homogeneity helps further enhance image quality. ST Coils are designed for patient comfort, offering an MRI without patient confinement. There is an ST Coil for every application.


Consistency, reproducibility, efficiency

SmartExam provides fully automated planning with a single click for about 70% of your daily caseload. Results are reproducible for any patient/operator combination, without concern for patient position or inconsistent slice angulation.

Ambient Experience

Patient-centric design

At Philips we believe a kinder, gentler approach to the healthcare environment benefits patient, family, and staff alike. With Ambient Experience, you can personalize light, music and visual displays for every patient.

Siting and PowerSave

Reduce footprint, expand economic value

A lightweight, zero boil-off, actively shielded design allows easy, cost-effective siting on any floor in any building without need for additional reinforcement. PowerSave technology keeps energy consumption & air-conditioning to a minimum.

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