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MAGNETOM® Aera, the first 70 cm Tim+Dot system is a breakthrough advance in 1.5T imaging that will significantly increase your productivity, and as a result, transform every part of your day. The benefits will be nothing less than profound.

Tim® (Total imaging matrix) technology advances MR imaging—again—with 4G flexibility, accuracy, and speed. It’s Siemens ultimate innovation technology that unlocks imaging power like never before. Tim’s newly designed ultra high-density coils are combined with the highest channel configurations ever offered.

And, with Tim’s new patient-adaptive technology, image quality and acquisition speed go to a whole new level. Think more exams per day. Every day. Dot™ (Day optimizing throughput) engine offers a customizable framework for patient personalization, user guidance, and exam automation to help optimize every part of your MR workflow. From reduction in your exam times and improved clinical workflows to enhanced staff efficiencies. Exam by exam, patient by patient, Dot helps to take away the complexity of MR scanning. Dot multiplies the power of Tim resulting in greater image consistency and diagnostic confidence, greater ease of use, and a day that’s more productive than ever before.

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