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The first Open-Bore MRI

Welcome to your equation for patient comfort, superior high-quality images, and effortless workflow. MAGNETOM® Espree is, quite simply, the best selling Open-Bore MRI on the market today. With it, you’ll experience revolutionary performance, increased patient satisfaction, and a broad array of applications enabling you to do more than you ever thought possible. Its 70-cm internal bore, short 125-cm system length, 1.5T field strength, and innovative Tim™ (Total imaging matrix) technology will widen your clinical capabilities and open the door to a broader patient referral base, improved throughput, and better profitability.

Tim has changed MRI forever.

MAGNETOM Espree is based on Tim, the most innovative RF-technology integrated with a radically different Matrix coil design. Truly, one of the world’s leading advances in MRI. Today’s clinical practices require fast and accurate diagnosis without compromising business demands. Tim (Total imaging matrix) was created to increase flexibility, accuracy, and speed, making every aspect of your workflow more efficient and productive. No one else can offer the workflow benefits that Tim provides. And with thousands of installations, Tim keeps proving it every day.

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