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Enter the new world of innovative applications.
The natural next step in the Tim revolution, I-class combines innovative clinical applications with unprecedented workflow efficiency. Enabling you to see more. And do more.

MAGNETOM Trio with I-class offers a new level of flexibility, accuracy, and speed.

With Siemens syngo®-based applications that provide pristine image quality for faster recognition of details. Such as imaging of the spine, the thorax or diffusion-weighted imaging in the body. Enjoy the ease of innovative workflow. I-class, powered by Tim, redefines “easy” along the entire MRI workflow path. Featuring everything you need for simple planning and processing. While eliminating the need for patient repositioning and manual coil changes. With the power of Tim, MAGNETOM Trio with I-class provides a solid foundation that will continue to yield innovative new applications. And new opportunities for the future.

It’s time to think differently about 3T.

Meet MAGNETOM Trio with I-class, the only 3T system with the power of Tim (Total imaging matrix technology). For 3T that works hard and works fast. Tim makes 3T simple to use for all clinical applications and all body parts. Available with up to 102 seamlessly integrated coils and up to 32 RF channels for ultra-fast scan times and high image resolution.

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