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Siemens has set a new benchmark in MRI again. As a proven innovator Siemens is bringing 3T field strength, 70 cm Open Bore and Tim™ (Total imaging matrix) together in one powerful system today, MAGNETOM® Verio. Invest in the MRI solution that makes you a leader, with the versatility to provide a wide range of clinical applications today and well into the future.

3T + 70 cm + Tim


As the newest and most feature-rich 3T system available, MAGNETOM Verio helps you to meet  your clinical needs, high standards of patient care, and financial requirements.

Why wait ?

The industry trend is clear. The competitive advantage goes to those who can offer the best of all worlds: outstanding diagnostic capabilities, patient comfort, and efficient workflow. MAGNETOM Verio is the answer.

Powerful. Affordable. Comfortable.

Innovative applications.
Powered by Tim.

MAGNETOM Verio with I-class allows you to evaluate the most complex pathologies quickly and confidently, handling challenging patients with ease. Siemens syngo MR applications help you achieve a speed and diagnostic confidence never before possible.

  • syngo SPACE
  • syngo BLADE
  • syngo GRAPPA
  • syngo SWI
  • syngo TWIST

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