Aloka ProSound Alpha 5SX

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  • Hemispheric Sound Technology Transducers
    Hitachi Aloka’s surgical HST transducers suppress side lobe artifacts three-dimensionally due to high-density transducer element fabrication and beam management in the elevation direction. This allows the fundamental ultrasound beam to be sharper and closer to the ideal beam shape than with conventional transducers. The result is higher resolution images with substantially less artifact
  • 12 Bit Digital Beamformer
    Hitachi Aloka’s high density digital front end allows a wider dynamic range for superior contrast resolution. With a 12 bit digital beamformer ultrasound images are inherently sharper and more detailed.
  • Microspatial Compounding
    Five ultrasound transmission beams per piezoelectric crystal combine to display truer, less interpolated, more complete image of the desired anatomical structure. The individual views are automatically combined, then artifact is automatically subtracted and real structures enhanced.
  • Unparalleled Image Quality
    Pure Sound Transmission – superior penetration and exceptional resolution
    Pixel Focus – Enables uniform beam characteristics from near to far fields
    Quint Frequency Imaging – All probes can be adjusted up to five different frequencies
    Dual Dynamic Display – Simultaneous real-time display of B and B/Flow Mode images
  • Exceptional Reliability
    With over 50 years of experience in diagnostic ultrasound imaging, HITACHI ALOKA is a recognized leader in system reliability
  • Outstanding Data Management and Networking Solutions
    • Application Specific Reporting Packages
    • iDMS (Integrated Data Management System) to manage patient images and demographic information
    • DICOM

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