BK Medical Flex Focus 200

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100% Guaranteed, Certified Equipment, FDA Registered

A Basic System with Best-in-Class Performance

  • High resolution 19″ monitor
  • Small, lightweight system that goes easily to the point-of-care, even smaller, private practice offices
  • Sealed control panel for easier and faster cleaning and disinfection

Immediate Mobility

  • BK Power Pack with 2 or 4 rechargeable batteries provides up to 4 hours uninterrupted imaging time
  • Easy battery change- no tools required

We have replacement parts available for BK Medical Flex Focus 200.
We have financing available for BK Medical Flex Focus 200.
We have service and repair available for BK Medical Flex Focus 200.

Name of the Manufacturer: B&K

BK Medical Flex Focus 0 Finance Overview

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