GE Logiq E9 Ultrasound

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GE Logiq E9 Ultrasound

The LOGIQ E9 features advanced technology that gives you the ability to capture extraordinary images. Its innovative architecture provides the foundation for its extraordinary capabilities.

*Shared platform ultrasound machine *State of the art system * First hit market in 2010 as a GE Flagship Shared Platform System. * 4D capability * Low cost of ownership * Perfect for General Practitioner and OB/GYN * Superior Image Quality.


  • Abdominal
  • 4D Abdominal
  • Breast
  • Musculoskeletal
  • OB-GYN
  • Pelvic
  • Prostate
  • Urology
  • Cardiac

Compatible Probes:

  • GE 11L-D Linear Probe [5.0-12.0 MHz]
  • GE 6Tc Transesophageal TEE Probe [2-8 MHz]
  • GE 9L-D Linear Probe [2.4-10 MHz]
  • GE IC5-9-D Microconvex Probe [4-9 MHz]
  • GE M5S-D Phased Array Probe [2-8 MHz]
  • GE M6C-D Matrix Convex Probe [2-6 MHz]
  • GE P2D CWD pencil probe [2 MHz]
  • GE RAB4-8-D Convex Probe [2-8 MHz]
  • GE RAB6 4D Convex Probe [2-8 MHz]
  • GE RIC5-9-D 3D/4D Endocavity Probe [4-9 MHz]

Agile Acoustic Architecture

Agile Acoustic Architecture uses proprietary dynamic models of the human body to help you acquire images on virtually any patient with minimal system adjustments. LOGIQ E9 helps you:

  • Acquire images quickly and with less operator interaction.
  • Obtain image uniformity from the near to far field.
  • Achieve deep penetration even on large patients.
  • Increase exam consistency.
  • E-Series transducers

Our ergonomically designed transducers work with Agile Acoustic Architecture to facilitate excellent image quality. Now, you don’t have to trade increased penetration for outstanding resolution—our transducers can give you both.

  • Acoustic Amplifier Technology recycles previously wasted acoustic energy into the transducer’s crystal, boosting sensitivity.
  • Single Crystal Technology increases bandwidth, offering better signal-to-noise ratio and improved axial resolution.
  • Matrix Array Technology uses multiple rows of crystals to achieve uniform resolution throughout the field of view. This technology lets clinicians construct volumetric images in real-time and observe anatomy in any plane. Multiplanar imaging allows you to view any plane individually or simultaneously with other orthogonal planes.
  • The C-plane allows you to display areas in an imaging plane parallel to the skin—ordinarily impossible using conventional 2D ultrasound.
  • Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (TUI) enables volume data to be viewed in multiple slices, much like CT and MR.
  • Volume Calculation (VOCAL) helps you evaluate irregular structures by automatically calculating volumes based on automated or manual tracing of the structure.

Additional Expert Tools

Auto-IMT (Intima Media Thickness) helps provide automatic edge detection for intima-media thickness measurements to help reduce the exam time while evaluating the carotid artery’s intima-media thickness. Elastography helps evaluate tissue stiffness to obtain additional diagnostic information that can aid you in making patient management decisions.  Learn more about elastography.

Ergonomics designed for you

The LOGIQ E9 is 20% smaller and 100 pounds lighter than our previous premium ultrasound systems, and offers remarkable mobility.

  • Motorized adjustable height enables you to fit the system to your needs with the simple touch of a button.
  • Monitor tilts completely down to help ensure nothing obstructs your view when transporting the system.
  • Front and rear handles help make it easier for you to transport and maneuver the system.
  • E-Series transducers were designed with user input, featuring lighter materials, ridges for improved handling and proper grip, and flexible, lightweight cables.


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