GE Logiq S8 Ultrasound

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GE Logiq S8 Ultrasound

* Mid Level Ultrasound Machine * Versatility is a Plus * Wireless connectivity * Shared platform that offers all applications needed in your practice * Dicom Ready to link up with your PACS system *


  • Abdominal
  • 4D Abdominal
  • Breast
  • Musculoskeletal
  • OB-GYN
  • Pelvic
  • Prostate
  • Urology
  • Cardiac

Compatible Probes:

  • GE 1C5-9-D Micro Convex Probe [3-10 MHz]
  • GE 6Tc Transesophageal TEE Probe [2-8 MHz]
  • GE 9L-D Linear Probe [2.4-10 MHz]
  • GE C1-5-D Convex Probe [2-5 MHz]
  • GE M5S-D Phased Array Probe [2-8 MHz]
  • GE ML6-15-D Matrix Linear Probe [4-15 MHz]
  • GE P2D CWD pencil probe [2 MHz]
  • GE RIC5-9D trans-vaginal probe [4-9 MHz]
  • GE S4-10 Sector Probe 3.6-10 MHz]
  • GE S4-10-D Sector Probe [3-9 MHz]

See more with superb images.

Innovative architecture, powerful E-Series transducers, and other advanced technologies combine to help minimize effort and enhance image quality. Simply gel, scan, and see.

  • S-Agile Architecture – Dynamically optimizes image acquisition for virtually every body type. Acquire remarkable images easily with minimal keystrokes, and achieve outstanding image uniformity.
  • E-Series Transducers – Help improve sensitivity, penetration, spatial resolution and image uniformity for greater clinical confidence.
  • High-Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD) – Helps increase contrast resolution and maintains tissue appearance.
  • CrossXBeam* – Spatial compounding tool that combines multiple images from different angles into a single real-time image to help achieve a clearer view.
  • Coded Harmonic Imaging – Helps enhance near-field resolution for improved small parts imaging as well as far-field penetration compared with typical harmonic imaging.
  • LOGIQView – Displays images over an extended length of anatomy, helping provide excellent visualization and more clinical information.1
  • B-Flow Imaging – Uses non-Doppler technology to display true hemodynamics and enable direct visualization of blood flow without the limitations of Doppler.

Streamlined workflow that benefits you and your patients.

The more you improve workflow, the more time you can devote to patient care. LOGIQ* S8 is packed with ergonomic and productivity features.

  • Ergonomic design helps promote comfort, convenience, and mobility, enabling reduced user fatigue and risk of injury.   At a svelte 187 lbs—half the heft of a traditional general imaging scanner—this portable design fits easily into tight exam rooms and crowded bedsides.
  • Efficiency features help improve results with reduced keystrokes, exam
    consistency and smooth archiving and reporting.

    • Raw Data – allows a virtual rescan of the patient at any time
      after the study, on the system or at a remote workstation.
    • Scan Assistant – Scan Assistant anticipates and preps the next
      step of a scan, helps reduce keystrokes, and frees you to focus
      on the important exam elements. A GE-commissioned study
      performed by an independent third party sonographer revealed
      a 78% reduction in keystrokes and a 49% reduction in exam
      time. Scan Assistant performs the following tasks:

      • Initiates and auto-completes any required measurements
      • Automatically steers color Doppler
      • Sets up imaging controls and modes
      • Insert comments
      • Automatically reorders images to your preference, independent of acquisition sequence.
  • Multi-modality Query Retrieve allows you to bring a previous exam onto the system and view it side-by-side with a real-time ultrasound image to help you quickly find an area of interest.
  • Streamlined archiving and reporting – LOGIQ S8 provides robust DICOM connectivity and is compatible with many imaging IT solutions. This connectivity allows you to save images to a central location and review alongside other imaging modalities.
    • ViewPoint* 6, GE Healthcare’s reporting and image management solution, users can connect with a PACS or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for comprehensive patient record storage. This can help improve workflow and enhance communication throughout the facility as well as with referring physicians.

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