GE Vivid Q Portable Ultrasound

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GE Vivid Q Portable Ultrasound

GE’s superb cardiac/vascular image quality in a compact easy to use design.* Meet the GE Vivid Q.* This small, laptop computer-sized device delivers the same punch as many of it’s larger counterparts.* Take from office to office or building to building.* The GE Vivid Q allows you to provide excellent cardiac/vascular imaging at a fraction of the cost.**IMMACULATE SYSTEM WITH SAFE-LOCK CART & BT12**


  • MSK
  • Small Parts
  • Vascular
  • Cardiac
  • Needle Guidance

Compatible Probes:

  • GE 10S-RS Sector Probe [5-11.5 MHz]
  • GE 12L-RS Linear Probe [5-13 MHz]
  • GE 4C-RS Convex Probe [1.6-4.6 MHz]
  • GE 5S Sector Probe [2-5 MHz]
  • GE 6S Sector Probe [2.7-8 MHz]
  • GE 6Tc-RS TEE Probe [2.9-8 MHz]
  • GE 6T-RS TEE Probe [2.2-8 MHz]
  • GE 7S Sector Array Probe [3.0-9.0 MHz]
  • GE 8C-RS Microconvex Probe [4.0-10.0 MHz]
  • GE 8L-RS Linear Probe [4.0-10.0 MHz]
  • GE 9T-RS TEE Multiplane Transesophageal Probe [4-10 MHz]
  • GE M4S-RS Matrix Array Sector Probe [1.5-3.6 MHz]


  • 2D imagingSmart depth technology
  • Tissue tracking (TT)
  • Automated function imaging (AFI)
  • Intracardiac echo imaging (ICE)
  • Coded octave imaging
  • Deep penetration in cardiac and vascular/small parts imaging


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