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The LOGIQ 7 system provides a full range of clinical applications – including abdominal, small parts, surgery, vascular and cardiac imaging – and the power of GE’s patented TruScan architecture. Just imagine an ultrasound system so versatile and reliable that it can meet the demands of virtually any clinical setting. And an ergonomic design that improves scanning comfort and clinical workflow.

Cardiovascular imaging is a key component of the LOGIQ 7. In addition to transesophogeal scanning and stress echo, the system includes Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI), Tissue Velocity Doppler (TVD) and Q-Analysis. These quantitative tools provide more precise methods for analyzing data, which can increase diagnostic confidence. LOGIQ 7 is built on the industry’s most advanced and proven system architecture, TruScan. A software-driven platform, TruScan provides unprecedented image quality and functionality, while offering a clear upgrade

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LOGIQ® 7, GE’s premium shared service ultrasound system, is versatile and reliable – meeting the demands of virtually any clinical setting. It supports a full range of applications from abdominal, OB/GYN, small parts, and pediatrics, to vascular and cardiovascular imaging, including transesophageal, stress echo, Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI), Tissue Velocity Doppler (TVD) and Q-Analysis.

And we have taken this breakthrough a step further to deliver more comfort. We call it Ergonomics – ergonomics engineered with the sonographer in mind. A fully adjustable flat panel monitor, height adjustable keyboard, and voice-activated operation are just some of the ergonomic advantages of the LOGIQ 7.

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Image quality is the cornerstone of the LOGIQ 7. GE has developed advanced technology that gives you improved resolution and superior image quality, for enhanced diagnostic capabilities that help you see more than ever before. GE’s matrix technology diminishes the compromises between penetration and resolution.

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