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At the leading edge of technology

For more than a century, GE Healthcare has been inventing medical technologies. In ultrasound, our continuous stream of breakthroughs have redefined the standards for image quality, accelerated the development of new applications and increased clinical efficiency for users worldwide.

As we see it, the future of ultrasound looks even more exciting.

GE Healthcare is evolving. A pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information technologies, we are now at the forefront of molecular and genetic medicine as well. These capabilities will help shape a new age of healthcare in which disease is detected earlier, diagnosed more precisely and treated less invasively. Ultrasound will be at the heart of this transformation. And so will you.

The system of choice for general imaging

Imagine a leading-edge ultrasound system so versatile that it can meet the demands of virtually any clinical setting. With the LOGIQ® 9, you’ll have a high-performance system capable of multi-dimensional imaging for a full range of clinical applications – from abdominal to breast to vascular imaging. And an ergonomic design that improves scanning comfort and clinical workflow. Now, imagine what LOGIQ 9 could do for you and your patients. LOGIQ 9 is built on the industry’s most advanced and proven system architecture,TruScan. A software-driven system platform, TruScan provides unprecedented image quality and functionality, while offering a clear upgrade path for breakthroughs to come. Today, there are thousands of LOGIQ systems in use worldwide powered by GE’s patented TruScan architecture.

Leadership in
ultrasound technology

Breakthrough after breakthrough
At GE Healthcare, we are committed to innovation that optimizes every step of the diagnostic process. We focus our research and development efforts on technologies that offer the greatest clinical value across a broad range of applications. The LOGIQ 9 system exemplifies this strategy by delivering:

  • Industry-leading image quality for clarity
  • Analytical tools to increase diagnostic confidence
  • Outstanding design for ergonomic scanning
  • Automatic applications to streamline clinical workflow

With a LOGIQ 9, you can add the latest, most advanced features available to ensure that you’re always at the forefront in patient care. And that makes the LOGIQ 9 a reliable technology investment for today – and for the future.

Turning up the volume in ultrasound

Today, GE is defining a new age of ultrasound. We call it Volume Ultrasound. The LOGIQ 9 system and new 4D transducers enable realtime techniques for acquiring, optimizing and
navigating volumetric images so that you can make clinical decisions with unprecedented
confidence. By adding 4D imaging capabilities to the LOGIQ 9’s outstanding 2D image quality, the system allows you to make multi-planar imaging part of your clinical routine.

With the LOGIQ 9, you can now acquire and construct volumetric images instantaneously – up to 30 volumes per second. With Volume Ultrasound, you’ll experience clinical and productivity benefi ts including:

  • More comprehensive and reliable exam data
  • Greater diagnostic confidence
  • Faster patient exams
  • Improved patient comfort

Turning images into answers

Image quality is the cornerstone of the LOGIQ 9. The system combines all of GE’s advancements in spatial compounding, speckle reduction, coded acquisition techniques and world-class transducers that allow clinicians to turn images into answers for their patients.

CrossXBeam Spatial Compounding
CrossXBeam is a real-time method that results in enhanced border definition, reduced acoustic artifact and improved contrast resolution. CrossXBeam provides:

  • Live, side-by-side displays
  • Coded Harmonics including high frequencies
  • Visualization of up to nine angles

Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)
SRI is an adaptive, real-time software algorithm that reduces the speckle artifact inherent to ultrasound imaging by:

  • Suppressing speckle artifact where no borders or edges are present
  • Preserving borders where echogenicity differences occur
  • Avoiding structure creation

Coded Ultrasound Technology
GE’s exclusive coded ultrasound technology uses advanced encoding and decoding algorithms and techniques to improve image quality and new applications.

  • UltraCoded Harmonics
  • B-Flow
  • Coded Excitation
  • Coded Contrast1, Coded Phase Inversion, Coded Harmonic Angio

Higher performance is right
in your hands

Transducers are a critical element in image quality and productivity. GE offers Matrix Array transducers with multiple rows of elements to achieve uniform resolution throughout the field of view, which reduces volume averaging and improves overall image consistency.

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