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The sleek LOGIQ A5 can help meet your general imaging needs. This black and white ultrasound system has:

  • B-mode imaging capability and features that allow you to add advancements as your clinical needs grow.
  • Auto TGC helps ensure a homogeneous picture from the near-to-far field.
  • Virtual Convex provides an expanded field of view that enables you to see more anatomy with linear transducers.
  • Color flow Doppler upgrade available to provide dynamic assessment of blood flow in the organs, as well as investigation of hypertension and resulting erectile dysfunction.

The LOGIQ A5 has user-friendly features with precision handling.

  • Automatic Optimization (AO), helps provide improved image quality at the touch of a button for B-mode, spectral and color Doppler imaging.
  • Full-size keyboard for optimal ease of use.
  • 15-inch adjustable LCD monitor allows a clear view in any position.
  • Lightweight package easily travels with you.

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