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Lightweight mobility. Heavyweight ability.
Vivid* i builds on the many industry leading features and technologies of the Vivid line with performance, quantitative analysis tools, and a wide range of applications.
Perform robust, comprehensive diagnostic exams.
And get complete, real-time diagnostic results—in any clinical environment.

Quantitative analysis made fast and easy
Vivid i lets you accurately visualize and quantify—with measurable assurance.

  • Tissue Velocity Imaging displays dynamic information from moving heart tissue to help you easily quantify LV function.
  • Tissue Tracking can help you detect coronary heart disease through better visualization and quantification of regional wall motion. 
  • EchoPAC Analysis lets you analyze raw data and conduct a full range of quantitative analyses, including TVI, TT, TSI, and Strain.

Open a new window to the heart.
Vivid i combines exceptional detail and quality of information with Intra Cardiac Echo (ICE) imaging technology.

  • ICE catheters deliver excellent image quality and real-time visualization of cardiac structural anatomy, and therapy catheters to aid in monitoring and guidance during interventional procedures.
  • ICE gives you a better understanding of structural orientation during trans-septal puncture procedures to help you avoid clinical complications.

High-performance, full diagnostic and monitoring capabilities for all of your perioperative needs.

Vivid i meets your OR/Anesthesia needs, including TEE monitoring, regional anesthesia, carotid evaluation, and saphenous vein harvesting through:

  • High-frame-rate image quality, harmonics on all probes, and advanced quantitative imaging.
  • Compact size allows placement on the surgical column. 
  • Raw data storage permits comprehensive post-exam analysis. 
  • Direct feed of the ECG signal from other monitoring devices. 
  • Video feed to slave monitor. 
  • Battery operation of up to one hour of scanning and fast system boot-up. 
  • Wide-angle visibility, adjustable brightness display and a backlit keyboard.

Visualize clearly.

Vivid i delivers excellent raw data image quality along with performance features to help you assess LV function and cardiac performance clearly, effectively, and confidently.
Features include:

  • Ultra definition algorithms for speckle reduction.
  • Clarity and Adaptive Reject to optimize image quality. 
  • Smart Depth automatically adapts imaging parameters. 
  • SmartStress helps streamline workflow. 
  • Tissue Synchronization Imaging translates comprehensive quantification into an easy-to-read image.

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