GE Vivid S6

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Vivid S6 gives you:

  • Productivity. Automated options allow for easy acquisition and enhance image quality through a wide range of applications.
  • Reach. Quantitative tools help you achieve excellent image quality and optimized exam times—for improved productivity and confident diagnoses.
  • Mobility. An ergonomic design helps reduce fatigue and discomfort.
  • Compatibility. A wide range of advanced connectivity options helps you streamline your workflow.

The Vivid S6 features SmartStress, which offers:

  • Automatic setting adjustments to help improve workflow, shorten optimization time, and increase reproducibility.
  • Advanced and flexible stress echo exam protocols.
  • A flexible template editor that allows reconfiguration or creation of new templates.
  • Two-minute continuous capture buffer.
  • A wide range of connectivity options.
  • Acquisition of raw ultrasound data and easy storage.
  • Wall segment scoring and reporting with bull’s-eye and segmental views.

Mobility in an innovative, ergonomic design.

Vivid S6 helps reduce fatigue and discomfort, and promotes efficiency and well-being.

  • Our “Flex-Fit” mechanism (up and in, down and out) allows continuous pivoting height adjustment of the control panel, at an optimal distance, and leaving legroom for standing or sitting.
  • The horizontally swiveling keyboard is always within easy reach for quick operation.
  • The low weight and size, and fold-down mechanism of the display, allow easy movement.

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