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With Voluson e’s help, you can distinguish the tiny structures with stunning clarity, confidently evaluate gynecologic and fetal images, and detect abnormalities earlier. Voluson e gives you extraordinary vision through advanced technologies, including:

  • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) and CrossXBeamCRI* for enhanced speckle reduction, contrast resolution and image clarity.
  • HD-Flow* to help achieve a more sensitive vascular study and reduces overwriting.
  • High Definition Zoom (HD-Zoom) to help define the area of interest for high-resolution magnification.
  • Advanced Voluson transducers help you create exceptional 2D and 3D/4D image quality and help meet a variety of clinical needs.
  • Enhance image analysis.
    • 3D/4D volume tools help improve efficiency, image manipulation and analysis.
    • Beta View allows the user to steer the scan plane to any oblique direction, which can result in less manipulation of the transducer and added patient comfort.
  • Automate parts of your exams. Automation advancements help provide consistent views, measurements and calculations for enhanced reproducibility and efficiency.  They also help you improve patient comfort by helping to reduce exam time and allowing you to focus more on your patient.
    • SonoAVC*follicle (Sonography-based Automated Volume Count  follicle) – Helps semi-automatically calculate the number and volume of hypoechoic structures within a user defined region of interest in a volume sweep, helping improve efficiency and workflow of follicular assessment. See video below.
    • SonoVCAD*labor (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display labor) – Helps you evaluate second-stage labor progression, and semi-automatically documents the labor procedure with objective ultrasound data.
    • SonoNT (Sonography-based Nuchal Translucency) – This technology helps provide semi-automatic, standardized measurements of the Nuchal Translucency as early as 11 weeks. SonoNT helps provide you with the reproducibility you demand and can integrate easily into your workflow. See video below.
    • SonoRender Start – This auto optimization tool expands into 3D examinations, helping make 3D rendering easier for all users. 
    • SonoVCADheart (Sonography-based Volume Computer Aided Display heart) is an automated proprietary tool that assists in generating standard views of a fetal heart from a four-chamber view and complies with the recommended examination of the fetal heart. See video below.
  • Connectivity for scanning on the go.
    • SmartNetwork connectivity lets you easily save different network profiles.
    • Wireless capabilities enhance information management and reporting.    

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