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We consulted sonographers in designing the Voluson S-Series. The result: an ergonomic design that provides fast access to frequently used functions to reduce exam times and facilitate training. The S6 features:

  • 19-inch, flat-screen LCD monitor. The large, high-resolution monitor helps increase visibility and reduce eye fatigue.
  • Simplified workflow. With fewer keyboard controls—and each one in the right place—exams can be completed with a minimum of keystrokes and manipulations.
  • Compact and mobile. The sleek, lightweight console is easy to transport. Its small footprint slides under beds and makes optimal use of small spaces.
  • Probe protection. The thoughtful design of the probes holder helps protect delicate probes while positioning them for optimal convenience.
  • Wireless connectivity. Manage patient information, report data, and send images effortlessly.
  • Integrated peripherals reduce clutter and easy-to-access USB ports expand functionality.

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