Samsung Medison Accuvix V10

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Crystal Clarity

The Accuvix V10 features cutting-edge technologies for the finest 2D, 3D and 4D image quality, maximizing diagnostic accuracy. 

– SRF™ (Speckle Reduction Filter)

– FSI™ (Full Spectrum Imaging)

– Dynamic MR

– Spatial Compound Imaging

– Power Pulse Inversion

– High Sensitivity Powerful Doppler performance 

– High resolution (1280×1024) 17-inch flat-panel display(a 19-inch-panel is optional)

Piloting by Palm

The Accuvix V10 ensures a convenient and efficient diagnostic environment with its innovative console layout putting major keys within palm range, its articulating monitor arms and high-resolution flat-panel display.

– QuickScan™

– Post-Measurement

– Post-Processing

– Pointer Function 

– Quadrant Image

– SonoView II

Quality Design

The Accuvix V10’s stylish and durable design provides you with the finest performance in multiple diagnostic settings.

– Articulating Monitor Arm

– Rotating Control Panel 

– Conveniently-arranged Cables

– 4-wheel Swivel

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Name of the Manufacturer: Medison

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