Samsung Medison SonoAce X4

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Premium Features

– Duplex mode for simultaneous 2D and pulsed wave Doppler

– Multi-frequency mode (2D & PW Doppler)

– FSI™ (Full Spectrum Imaging)

– 8 TGC Slide control

– Post Gain Control

Premium Ergonomics

– 4 wheel swivel design 

– Compact foot print

– Simple image archival options 

– Intuitive backlit control panel

– High resolution, non-flicker 12” monitor

Premium Performance

– Digital multi-beam forming channels

– 4096 Lines of cine loop review 

– HPRF Doppler

– Read / Write zoom 

– DICOM 3.0 compatible

– USB 2.0 (4 ports) 

– Built-in CD RW

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Name of the Manufacturer: Medison

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