Samsung Medison SonoVet R3

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Powerful Imaging

– FSI™ (Full Spectrum Imaging)

– SRF™ (Speckle Reduction Filter)

– Harmonic Imaging/ Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging

– QuickScan™

Compact Design

1. Full-Featured Workflow

– Shortcut and functional key groupings

– Standby mode for rapid boot-up

– Thumbnail menu

– DICOM 3.0 compatible image filing

– QuickScan™

– Cine Save

2. Optimized System Architecture

– Compact design for high maneuverability

– Wide view 15 inch LCD monitor 

– 2 probe ports

– Carrying handle 

– 3 USB ports

– 4 wheels swivel cart (or trolley)

3. User friendly design

– Customizable measurement package and body markers

– Storage manager 

– Backlit control keys and qwerty KBD

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Name of the Manufacturer: Medison

Samsung Medison SonoVet R3 Finance Overview

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