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Changing your idea of clinical performance

Now you can have a system with the clinical performance to efficiently address large daily patient loads and the powerful diagnostic capabilities to confidently perform difficult in-depth clinical evaluations.
The Philips HD15 ultrasound system gives you the superb imaging and performance you’ve always wanted, but, until now, could only get on premium-class systems.
It redefines value by giving you the efficiencies you need for more of your everyday exams and the diagnostic confidence for the most demanding clinical challenges, all in one system. We created the HD15 to make your ultrasound exams easier and faster, while delivering clarity and diagnostic certainty, especially on more technically challenging patients and pathologies.
Features like these make HD15 the choice for image quality and usability:

  • Next generation architecture with new high resolution A/D technology, 4 times parallel processing and Microfine EX focusing
  • Volume imaging for 3D/4D analysis
  • SonoCT real-time compound imaging
  • Advanced XRES adaptive image processing
  • Highly-sensitive contrast enhanced ultrasound
  • PureWave crystal technology for clearer imaging on a wider variety of patients
  • Tissue Specific Imaging presets and one-button iSCAN optimization in 2D, Doppler and color modes
  • Active native data lets you manipulate exam parameters and image settings after the patient has left
  • Live compare allows you to bring up a previous image and place it beside your active exam

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