Philips HD9

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The power to support a full range of clinical applications

With the advanced capabilities to address a variety of applications, the HD9 is a versatile system whose focus on simplicity decreases the new system learning curve, while sophisticated features bring advanced functionality.


To aid confident diagnosis, it offers:

  • Easy-to-use 3D and 4D capabilities that deliver exquisite detail
  • Tissue differentiation tools including a digital broadband beam former and tissue aberration correction for 2D imaging
  • Tissue specific imaging (TSI) technology, which optimizes the transducer for the specific exam type, resulting in excellent image quality with little need for adjustment
  • Live iSlice, which creates slices of a volume rendering to zero in on the region of interest
  • Breast elastography*, which offers a way to characterize tissue by differentiating areas of relative stiffness, increasing the information available for diagnostic decisions

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